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Producers choose New Milford to shoot a movie



NEW MILFORD – The Harden House Museum, a former estate and a “thriving” town center are just some of the reasons the producers of Better Days Films decided to shoot an inspiring faith-based film called “The Thursday Night Club. ” in the city.

Being kind to each other is the theme of the Christmas movie that will be filming in town in the coming months.

“The Thursday Night Club,” which takes place in a New England town, is for students preparing to graduate. A tragic incident strikes the father of one of the students, becoming the catalyst for others to decide to become service-oriented, practice kindness and take care of others, according to a press release on the film. It will last about 100 minutes.

“It’s a matter of faith. It’s all about hope, ”said New Jersey resident Mitchell Maxwell, who, along with North Carolina resident Monty Hobbs, are two of the executive producers. “It’s about believing that things will get better. And with the support of your neighbor, your friend, your neighbor, a stranger, we will emerge from the darkness in which we are and see the light.

The film will be shot in mid-January and should be released next Christmas. It will be available in theaters, streaming networks and faith-based channels, Maxwell said.

Maxwell has been involved in more than 65 theatrical productions and eight feature films, including the film version of his Pulitzer Prize winning play “Dinner with Friends”.

“The Thursday Night Club” is influenced by the current mood in the world – particularly with regard to political differences and the public response to the pandemic. They decided to produce a denominational film due to the effects of COVID-19, said Maxwell

“Our country is still emerging, still embroiled in the division and the woe and the unhappiness and the emotional and fiscal carnage that we have all experienced over the past 18 months – and this will continue for at least some time. There is so much discontent that we decided to make an inspiring film.

Maxwell said he hoped people would be inspired to make the world a better place after watching “The Thursday Night Club”.

The film, which will cost between $ 1.5 million and $ 2 million, is part of the Screen Actors Guild, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

The producers will offer a scholarship of $ 25,000 to the New Milford Film Commission upon the film’s release. The scholarship will be awarded to a filmmaker and film student from the New Milford area. In addition, a portion of the net proceeds will be donated to the city’s artistic community to support various programs and events.

Better Days Films, which is a division of The Story Plant Entertainment Company, a New York-based content creation company, will also be shooting a second film in New Milford – whose name has yet to be announced.

Choose New Milford

While scouting the filming locations for “The Thursday Night Club,” Maxwell said the producers initially looked at around six different cities.

They were drawn to New Milford for the lovely community, as well as for “how gorgeous it is and how beautiful it is at Christmas,” said Maxwell.

“The old area of ​​Skitch Henderson is beautiful. You drive up to… the town square… it all gives off a feeling of goodwill, ”he added.

Hobbs said he was in awe of the Harden House museum in Harrybrooke Park, with the river and the waterfall in the backyard.

“It’s breathtaking there,” Hobb said. “We’re going to incorporate that into a scene where a retired lady talks to the caregiver. It’s winter. She has a blanket on her. It overlooks the waterfall – you couldn’t build it better.

Plus, he said they fell in love with downtown New Milford.

“We love the prosperity of the downtown core,” Hobbs said.

He added that a problem that often occurs when producers search for locations for films to meet desolate areas.

“New Milford doesn’t have that. We love that they still have a movie theater and a marquee, ”Hobbs said. “When you think of vacations, you think of these small towns more than anything else.”


In mid-October, producers will return to town to discuss the specifics of the film with residents. At that point, they’ll also take the script and find additional locations for scenes from the movie.

“We’ll be meeting with the owners of the businesses or the buildings… to lock down the locations (of the filming locations),” Hobbs said.

More details will be posted on storyplantentertainment.com.

There are seven main roles in the film and around 15 small roles. The producers are casting the most important roles.

In December, they will return to New Milford to rent office space and organize an open casting for those who wish to audition for other roles in the production, such as extras and background performers.

“We’ll also have a team there looking for snow during the holidays and for Christmas celebrations in town,” Hobbs said. “We will be using these scenes in the movie.”

Over the next few months, “there will be a buzz in the city,” he added. “It will be very exciting. We’re going to patronize stores, rent hotel rooms, and make a magical Christmas movie that will be memorable and talk about how society can heal itself.

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